Update from the trenches January 17, 2020

Friday was Christmas. I got a compass necklace, a masked santa Claus ornament, a piece of black tourmaline, and a beautiful necklace from my friend Elma. I am worried about the state of the country. I have friends that are ardent Trump supporters and i can see how they are blind to all his faults and will go along with whatever he wants to do. I am afraid for our country.

On a work note, i have found ouT the reason my quora space has been growing slowly. Quora has changed its search algorithm so that it is shown to a more select audience who will be more likely to participate in the space. I have also sent out invitations to my followers and have gotten some positive response. I have been reading and reviewing two books. I am exploring some new topics, such as astral projection, angel numbers, chakra healing and telepathy.

Published by Janet Ilacqua

Writer in metaphysics and success.

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