Update from the trenches January 28, 2021

On a personal note, it looks like we got through the first week of the biden administration. I hope that the Republicans don’t diddle around with trying to cut the stimulus package. I want my stimulus check right now because I gave my son some money for his moving expenses and he will not be to pay me until the end of February. I will be seeing his new place February 20. I just let him take his time. I have been trying to spend less money. I am reducing my amazon purchases to $40 a month next month. I bought a gloria Vanderbilt pair of jeans and some bulk crystals. I also got a stretch belt for my jeans.

On a work note, this week my Quora space New Success Models celebrates it’s first anniversary with 14.9k followers. I will write a special thank you for my contributors. I am exploring more topics for space posts. I was writing a book review on a book about gurdieff, a Russian mystic who invented the enneagram, a tool for self discovery. I found I had room in my bookcase because I had a duplicate of Galen Rowan’s Bay area wild which I will give to my son.

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Writer in metaphysics and success.

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