Update from the Trenches February 25, 2021

I have not been doing too much writing lately. I have written some reviews on a book on auras. My Quora space has 3.3k views last week.

On a personal note, I am packing up my room for the move to a shared room. I am distributing my possession. My son is getting books and pictures and some other things. Elma’s getting the bookshelves, table and clothes. I am putting my crystals on debbie’s windowsill. I am going some of my pictures to the facility. It’s a busy week. On Tuesday, I am getting a colonoscopy. Can’t eat anything for two days. Got through the colonoscopy okay. Don’t have to go in for another five years. Moving in on March 1st.

Published by Janet Ilacqua

Writer in metaphysics and success.

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