Update from the Trenches March 3 2021

What a crazy week it’s been. This is he first time that I have shared a room with someone not related to me for the first time since I was 23. After a few initial bumps, it has been working out. My roommate wants to sleep with the light on. I had a problem the first night; however, the facility provided me with a screen and I am getting earplugs. We bonded over me helping her get “law and order” on her new complicated TV. She was happy about that. I had to replace some things: my green man sticker, my lava lamp and my floss. I got some additional items, a wristwatch, a tarot card necklace and necklace which is a working kaleidoscope. I spend my early morning in the activity center and watch the spectacular sunrise. I feel comfortable up there. No one bothers me and I am around my books. I have a microwave for my coffee and a bathroom nearby!

On a work note, not much is going on. I haven’t written any articles other than my update. My site stays at roughly 4.5k weekly views. I have been answering about 10 questions a day.

Published by Janet Ilacqua

Writer in metaphysics and success.

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