Janet K. Ilacqua

I was born in the Central Valley of California in the farm town of Yuba City, once rated the worst place in the US by Rand McNally. I have had a full life, living and working in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley as a paralegal, librarian and technical writer.

In 2002, I had the call to be a lightworker, to help bring on the New Age through my writings. My audience is anyone who is a spiritual seeker, who senses that there is something beyond physical reality. I achieve my goal through various avenues. I have a Patreon site in which I discuss Buddhist solutions to common business problems. I have two successful Quora spaces, New Success Models and Manifestation forum. I moderate two spaces, Meditating on Meditation an Mastering Manifestation. I have and published on Amazon three books: The Riddle of Karma, 56 Books that could change your life and Manifestation Resources. I am an Amazon associate and have links to recommended metaphysical books on this website.

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