Chronic affirmations

By Judith S. Cooper. Rittenhouse. 141 pages. Not another affirmations book! However this book is unique because it deals with the specific condition of chronic pain and illness. This book consists of 365 daily affirmations. The reader repeats each affirmation morning and night and, for further reinforcement, is encouraged to incorporate the affirmation into theirContinue reading “Chronic affirmations”

New Moon magic

By Risa Dickens and Mary took. North Atlantic Books. 2024. 369 pages *****Exceĺlent This unique and profound book invites the truth that we are one with our bodies, others, nature and the universe. Capitalism disrupts this natural harmony by inducing us to conquer our bodies, others, and the earth. This book, although structured around theContinue reading “New Moon magic”


By Mari Silva. 3023. 124 pages. *****Exceĺlent This well researched and comprehensive book is the ultimate to trolldom, the traditional magic of Sweden, Norway. Denmark and Finland. Discusses the way Nordic magic is relevant today. Discusses symbols and ritual. The Cyprianus tradition of magic, herb magic, cauldron magic, making potions (recipes included). Magical swords andContinue reading “Trolldom”

Magic of astrology

By Jessica Allen. Penguin Random house. 2021. 267 pages. ***** Excellent Informative and comprehensive guide to the Zodiac Signs and what they reveal about you. Discusses history and basics of astrology. Under each sign, describes the strengths, weaknesses and preferences of a person born under that sign and the sign’s magical correspondences. Illustrations.

Sigil Witchery

By Laura Tempest. Zarkholic. 2018. Llewellyn publications.  334 pages. This practical book, written in a conversational style, teaches the writing of sigils, symbolic language whose meaning  is known only to the creator. Discusses history  of  witchcraft and mark making. Magick and spellcraft with sigils, sigil design, practice exercises, and gallery of sigils. Illustrations. Resources. Index.Continue reading “Sigil Witchery”

Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy

By Seth Gillman. HarperOne. 2023. 379 pages. This unique book by a clinical therapist contends that Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) when combined with mindfulness practices, can address the questions of spirituality, purpose and meaning. Mindfulness CBT can be summarized as follows; Think: change your beliefs Act; my body needs to take action. Be. My bodyContinue reading “Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy”

PendulumS for beginners

By Sylvia Hill. 2023 ***** excellent This well researched and comprehensive book covers all aspects of pendulum magic, including divination, healing, psychic protection and dowsing. History of pendulums, choosing, cleansing and programming your pendulums., using pendulums for Chakra balancing and developing intuition, crystal pendants. Chapter provides detailed steps to make a pendulum chart for deeperContinue reading “PendulumS for beginners”

Elder Furthak runes

By Mari Silva. 2022 ***** excellent This well researched beginners and comprehensive will help you understand the Elder Furthak runes in the context of Norse mythology. In this book, you will learn the meaning by practice writing the rune. Then you will learn how to use it for communication, divination and invocation. The second halfContinue reading “Elder Furthak runes”

Manifestation with the law of attraction

By Harlow Wolf. 2023 ***** Excellent Not another book on LoA! Unfortunately, this one has nothing new to say on the subject. Goes through familiar LoA topics: the concept of energy, the mind’s role in manifestation, meditation.. meditation, surrendering intentions, self-love and overcoming failures. Exercises. I received a free copy of this book via BooksproutContinue reading “Manifestation with the law of attraction”