Ashkaic records

By Melissa Gomes. 2021. 196 pages ***** Excellent Ashkaic records are the collection, in the etheric plane, of all that’s known, unknown or unknowable. They contain information about you, your soul and everything else. This straightforward beginners guide to accessing, reading, accessing and interpreting the ashkaic records discusses the benefits, the do’s and donts theContinue reading “Ashkaic records”

Opening to Darkness

By Zenja Earthyn manual. Sounds True. 2023. 217 pages. *****excellent While darkness and light has been rooted in our physical, emotional, social and spiritual impact on our lives, this profound book focuses on the spiritual impact. The book is arranged in the form of a Mandela with eight gateways. Each gateway has a writing, guidedContinue reading “Opening to Darkness”

One long listening: a memoir of grief, friendship, and spiritual care

**** excellent Chen0king Tan. 2023. North Atlantic Books A poetic and introspective memoir of a Chinese American hospital chaplain’s experiences in an oncology ward and stay in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand to learn about meditation and giving spiritual care.

Heal your inner child

By Anna berry. 2022 One in two Americans suffer from childhood trauma. This informative and clearly written book will give the tools and information to aid you in working through your trauma and reclaiming your inner child. Journal prompts at the end of each chapter. References. I received a free copy of this book viaContinue reading “Heal your inner child”

Places that scare you

By Pema Chodron. Shambala publications. 2001. 209 pages. A guide to fearlessness in difficult times. Discusses the Buddhist concept of boddhichitta, the ability to feel pain with others. Describes the practices to increase boddhichitta: accepting egolessness, impermanence and suffering sitting meditation, slogans, four limitless qualities chant, loving-kindness (maitri), tonglen, the five strengths, the sun bodhisattvaContinue reading “Places that scare you”

Shamanism for Beginners

Silvia Hill. 2022. 172 pages Explores shamanic beliefs and practices of Nativr American, Norse, Celtic and Siberian shamans. Discussed the Wounded Healer, cosmology, shamanic tools and practices, the medicine wheel, spirit animals, and shamanic plants and allies, clearing space for ceremony, opening the ceremonial circle, shamanic journeying and healing the future with ancestors. Illustrations. References.Continue reading “Shamanism for Beginners”

Psychic Reiki

By Mari Silva. 2022. 136 pages *****excellent If you are a psychic familiar with Reiki (Japanese energy healing technique based on the belief that vital energy flows through the body), then this book is for you. This comprehensive and well researched book straightforwardly presents concept so that both beginners and advanced practices can understand them.Continue reading “Psychic Reiki”

500+ affirmations for mental toughness

This innovative book of 500 positive affirmations are designed specifically maximize performance for athletes and entrepreneurs but can be used by anyone. The first section contains 3 sets of affirmations. The first set is to be used before a game or event. The second set is to be used after a game or event. TheContinue reading “500+ affirmations for mental toughness”

Update from the trenches

Tarot card of the day: King of Cups. keywords: emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic In put on my Witches outfit for Halloween. I went to a Halloween party at rose’s on Friday. We had a dinner of English food, such as toadinahole, quizzes and Halloween music. On October 31, I celebrated the Wiccan Sabbat of SamhainContinue reading “Update from the trenches”