The secrets of Mexican witchcraft

By Meliissa Gomes.2023. 299 pages. *** excellent. 2023. 200 pages Brujeria is Mexicsn witchcraft. It’s essence lies in harnessing the forces of nature and the spiritual realmBtujeria is not a single path but encompasses an array of practices that vary in the intentions and beliefs. Contains 120+ spells and rituals. Discussed divination, Herbalism, shamanism, yourContinue reading “The secrets of Mexican witchcraft”

Healing your inner child workbook

By Cher Hamptom. 2023 *****Exceĺlent This short book is a complementary workbook to the book Healing Your Ijnner Child and contains meditation exercises, journal prompts and affirmations for healing childhood trauma. The inner child healing journey contains five stages: 1) reach out to your inner child; 2) identify past childhood wounds; 3) practice radical aceptance;Continue reading “Healing your inner child workbook”


By Oaguis Revisita. 2023. Gaussian solutions. 375 pages. ***** Exceĺlent Reinterpretation of spirituality from a non-religious perspective. Establishes a benchmark from which religious concepts can be evaluated. Examines and debunks the concepts of organized religion and the New Age movement. Discusses conventional and alternative medicine, identity and consciousness, internet additiction, altered states of consciousness andContinue reading “Spirituality”

The seven Chakras

*****excellent By Mari Silva. 2023. 942 pages. This well researched and comprehensive book is a guide to the seven major chakras. Divided into seven parts with a part devoted to opening, balancing and healing a specific chakra through meditation, mantras, yoga poses (asanas), aromatherapy, diet and nutrition and crystals. Meditation exercises. Quizzes. Illustrations. Refernces. IContinue reading “The seven Chakras”

Moon, sun and rising signs

By Sylvia Hill. 2023 This well researched and comprehensive book is devoted to star signs, personality types and psychic senses. Part I discusses the basics of astrology, the moon signs, and how they affect you. Part II discusses the sun signs and sun-moon combinations. Part III discusses the rising (ascendant) signs and what they revealContinue reading “Moon, sun and rising signs”

A box of Magic

By Jamie Dela. 2023. Sounds True. 252 pages. *****Exceĺlent This innovative and reflective book is a guide to crafting a magical practice that witchcraft, spellcraft and ritual Herbalism. Thr twelve magical lessons correspond to the twelve steps in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Discusses setting sacred space and altar, working with elementals, divination, gods and goddesses,Continue reading “A box of Magic”

Update from the Trenches

Tarot card of the day: Strength. Keywords: sþength. Courage,peace, influence, compassion This was an uneventful week. I finished Soap. I was perplexed by the ending episode. I am on the seventh and last season of Fantasy Island. The plots are rather repetitious but I’ve run out of Movies. I get a trial subscription on ShowtimeContinue reading “Update from the Trenches”