Mediumship for Beginners

Mar Silvs. 2023 *****excellent This wellresearched and comprehensive guide will develop your mediumship skills and clairsenses. The first section will introduce ÿouto mediumship and communication with spirits. The second section will discuss the spirit world. You will learn to protect yourself from psychic attack and how to read energy. Finally discusses advanced subjects such asContinue reading “Mediumship for Beginners”

Paganism for Beginnerd and Celtic Shamanism

By Sylvia Hill. 2023. 275 pages. *****Exceĺlent Part 1 of this comprehensive and well researched book unlocks Norse magic, druidry, Celtic shamanism, runes, signs and symbols. Discusses modern paganism and differentiates it from Wicca, history and types of paganism, rituals, beliefs and spells, practical Wicca, Norse paganism and astaru, seidr. Part 2 is the ultimateContinue reading “Paganism for Beginnerd and Celtic Shamanism”

Psychic Reiki/energy vampires

*****Excellent By Mari Silva. 2023. 262 pages Part I of this well comprehensive and well researched book unlocks the secrets of psychic development and energy healing using Reiki Discusses enenergy, meditation and visualization, Reiki. Working with spirit guides. Part 2 discusses psychic vsmpitrd and discusses psychic self defense for empathy and highly sensitive persons. 30-dsyContinue reading “Psychic Reiki/energy vampires”

An ultimate guide to crystals and healing stones and green witchcraft

By Cassandra Jade. 2023. Book 1 is an ultimate guide to crystals and healing stones, including a compendium of crystals and stones with assorted properties, prayers and mediations. Book 2 is an annual guide to jar spells and witch bottles for prosperity and fulfillment. Dedicate a chapter to each month with a suggestion of theContinue reading “An ultimate guide to crystals and healing stones and green witchcraft”

Pendulums and Divination

By Sylvia Hill. 2023. 252 pages *****excellent Part 1 of this well researched and comprehensive book unlocks the secrets of pendulums, dowsing, spiritual healing, magic and divination The opening chapters discuss the history of, cleansing and programming pendulums. Chapter 5 introduces you to crystal pendulums energy healing rituals. And pendulum rituals. Part 2 unlocks theContinue reading “Pendulums and Divination”

The twelve houses of astrology

By Mari Silvz. 2023. 148 pages *****Exceĺlent This well researched and comprehensive book explores astrology founding and basics, the planets and signs, the houses. Discusses also benefits of asyrology, correspondences, sun, moon and rising signs, astrological glyphs and symbols. Illustrations References. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leavingContinue reading “The twelve houses of astrology”

Update from the Trenchrd

Tarot card of thr day; Seven of pentacles. Keyworf: succeed. Public recognition, prosperity, self confidence On Saturday. I saw my sister. She was calm. I told her about Rose becoming a grandmother Nicholas gave me a graphic novel on the origins of the Grateful Dead for a mother’s day gift. On Monday. I went Rose’sContinue reading “Update from the Trenchrd”


By Mari Silva. 2023. *****Exceĺlent This comprehensive and well researched book is the ultimate guide to thr history, culture and philosophy of the Yorubs religion, the creation myth and the afterlife. Describes the Orisha and Egbert spirits, Olodomare, the Supteme Being, ancestral veneration., divination. Initiation, devotion and training in the Yoruba of, setting up altarsContinue reading “Egun”

Jewish magic

By Silvia Hill. 2023. 203 pages. ****Exceĺlent This well researched and comprehensive book is a guide to Jewish magic,mysticism and spirituality. Discusses the origins of the Jewish religion, different movements, the Kaballah and halalekem, sacred ukreish symbols, angels and their hierarchy? The power of the name of God, thr seifind and on sof, the ArchangelContinue reading “Jewish magic”

Slavic mythology collection

Mythology books collectionn. 2023 **** Good Fairy tales of the Slavonic peasntd and herdsmen History and culture of the Slavs, including food and agriculture and medicine. Straightforward telling of the stories with no commentary. Illustrations. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.