Yoruba mythology

2022 **** Good This book brings together west African folk tales from the Yoruba and Hausa of Nigeria to thr Jobo of Liberia and more. Some of these stiried are on themes found in stories worldwide, such as the Cinderella story, the cleverness and courage of women, reward and punishment. Others pertaining to west AfricanContinue reading “Yoruba mythology”

The Zodiac Signs

By Sylvia Hill. 2022. 206 pages. This well researched and comprehensive book discusses everything you need to know about the basics of astrology including sun and moon signs, lunar houses, planets and rising signs. In this in depth look at the Zodiac signs, you will will learn how each sign manifests in your life. Illustrations.Continue reading “The Zodiac Signs”

Signs, symbols and sacred geometry

By Mari Silva. 2022. 284 pages ***** Excellent This well researched and comprehensive guide unlocking the spiritual meaning of angelic sigils,, totems, and various shapes and symbols. Part I discusses the power and importance of symbols, sigil rituals, symbols in various cultures, symbolic meaning of dreams, religious and occult symbols and creating sigil. Part IIContinue reading “Signs, symbols and sacred geometry”

Angel numbers

***** Excellent This comprehensive and well researched book explains the basics and history of numerology and angel numbers, the Pythagorean cipher and angel numbers. By exploring the different meaning of angel numbers, you get an insight on how to interpret your angel numbers, become more t seeing them and incorporating them into your spiritual journey.Continue reading “Angel numbers”

Outer order, inner calm

By Gretchen Rubin. Harmony. 207 pages. This book is an informative practical guide to declutering and organizing your home to make more room for more happiness. Steps in decluttering and organizing your house 1. Making choices as to what to discard 2. Creating order. Actually discard stuff and assign an exact place to everything. HaveContinue reading “Outer order, inner calm”

Hoodoo candle magic spells

By Amina Wayne. 2022. Book Tree 121 pages Candles are a standard tool for practitioners of Hoodoo, a type of African American folk magic. They can be used in conjunction with other magical tools, such as powders, oils and roots. Discusses choosing your candles according to your purpose, how to do a candle ritual, howContinue reading “Hoodoo candle magic spells”

Update from the trenches

Happy Thanksgiving! The theme of the day is gratitude. According to The Power of Gratitude by David j. Martin, the journey to gratitude starts with mindfulness, the inherent ability to be present in the moment without external distractions. Tarot card of the day: Three of swords. Keywords: heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, hurt I andContinue reading “Update from the trenches”

Feng shut for Millenials

***** excellent This beginner’s guide to geared to millennial home owner and renters who want to learn about applying the ancient art form to bring harmony, balance and abundance to their homes and lives. Discusses the Bagua Map, the five elements and their cycles, gemstones, Feng tips and rituals. Appendix. This is an informative andContinue reading “Feng shut for Millenials”