500+ affirmations for mental toughness

This innovative book of 500 positive affirmations are designed specifically maximize performance for athletes and entrepreneurs but can be used by anyone. The first section contains 3 sets of affirmations. The first set is to be used before a game or event. The second set is to be used after a game or event. TheContinue reading “500+ affirmations for mental toughness”

Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences

By Judy Hall. 2019. O-Books. 469 pages ***** Excellent This comprehensive book by Judy Hall, the author of the bestselling the Crystal Bible, is an A-Z directory with a selection of crystals for a particular illness and its underlying conditions. For example the prescription for addiction includes not only the specific issues but issues, suchContinue reading “Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences”


By Mari Silva. 2022. 104 pages The ultimate to winter solstice and how it is celebrated in Wicca, Druidry, Christianity, and Paganism. Discusses similarities and differences between Christmas and Tule, yuletide symbols, lore and deities, Yule crafts and decorations, setting up a Yule altar, recipes for a Yule feast, Yule activites, customs, rituals, ceremonies spellsContinue reading “Yule”

Spirit guides

Practical and comprehensive guide, written in clear and simple English, that takes you through connecting and working with your spirits. Discusses psychic protection and various types of spirit guides, including ancestors, ascended masters and historical figure, elemental beingx and nature spirits, spirit animals deities, angels and Archangels, plant spirit, mythological creatures and star beings. Illustrations.Continue reading “Spirit guides”

Update from the trenches

Tarot card of the day: nine of wands. Keywords: Residence, courage, persistence, test of faith On Friday, I went to North Beach in San Francisco. I had tortellini at Mona Lisa. Then we went to City Lights bookstore, founded in 1953 (the same year I was born) and the nucleus of the Beat movement. TheContinue reading “Update from the trenches”

Peace in every step

By Thich Nhat Hahn. Bantam books. 1991 ***** Excellent This Buddhist clasicis a guidebook for peace, both in oneself and the world. Thich Nhat Hahn begins by teaching mindful breathing and being aware of the acts of our daily life, such as washing the dishes and making our beds, then show the relation between innerContinue reading “Peace in every step”

Moon Signs

By Silvia Hill. 2022. 114 pages ***** excellent Your Moon sign is the astronomical sign corresponding to the moon’s position at the time of your birth. Yourmoon sign represents your emotion, intuition, and subconscious mind. This informative and well researched book is divided into three parts. Part one introduces you to the basics of MoonContinue reading “Moon Signs”

Third Eye Awakening

By Mari Silva. 2022. 128 pages ***** Excellent The third eye (Anja) is located between the eyebrows. It is associated with intuition, imagination, concentration and seeing the big picture. Discusses Chakra basics and ways of opening and balancing the third eye chakra.. including madras, affirmations, mantras, affirmations, meditation, yoga, diet and nutrition. Seven day routineContinue reading “Third Eye Awakening”

Chakra Healing

By Melissa Gomes. 2022 **** Excellent This informative and well researched beginners guide to chakra healing. Overview of the seven major chakras and what they do. Discusses kundalini energy, maintaining a daily balance in life, and illnesses that come from unbslanced chakras. Specific healing techniques for each Chakra. 59 positive affirmations for Chakra healing. IContinue reading “Chakra Healing”

The Witches Grimoire

By Melissa Gomes. 2022 *****excellent An informative and comprehensive beginner’s guide to magick and esoteric witchcraft. Discusses Wicca, witchcraft magick, setting up an altar, magical tools, crystals, wheel of the year, the clairsenses, Tarot., runes , palmistry, creating, charging and blessing a grimoire, a book of magical practices. 59 affirmations for making your grimoire. IContinue reading “The Witches Grimoire”