The secrets of Mexican witchcraft

By Meliissa Gomes.2023. 299 pages. *** excellent. 2023. 200 pages Brujeria is Mexicsn witchcraft. It’s essence lies in harnessing the forces of nature and the spiritual realmBtujeria is not a single path but encompasses an array of practices that vary in the intentions and beliefs. Contains 120+ spells and rituals. Discussed divination, Herbalism, shamanism, yourContinue reading “The secrets of Mexican witchcraft”

Chronic affirmations

By Judith S. Cooper. Rittenhouse. 141 pages. Not another affirmations book! However this book is unique because it deals with the specific condition of chronic pain and illness. This book consists of 365 daily affirmations. The reader repeats each affirmation morning and night and, for further reinforcement, is encouraged to incorporate the affirmation into theirContinue reading “Chronic affirmations”

Paganism for beginners

By Sylvia Hill. 2023. 144 pagesHistory of paganism from its origins to 20th century neopaganism. Discusses the difference between Wicca and neopaganisn an Wiccan magical practices. Discusses Heathenism, astaru, Celtic shamanism and Druidry. Appendix. Illustrations. References. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Practical astrology

By Mari Silva 2023 This well researched and comprehensive book will teach everything you need, not just to study astrology, but to apply to your everyday life. The hands-on instructions and exercises ensure a high degree of practical applicability. History of astrology and definition of practical astrology as the study of the inherent traits andContinue reading “Practical astrology”

Crystals and crystal grids

By Mari Silva. 2023 By Silvia hill ***** Excellent Part I explains Crystal healing, crystal grids, cooking crystals for your grif, grids for love and relationships, career and money, prosperity and abundance, fending off depression, for spirit communication, protection and grid uses and maintained. Part 2 discusses crystals.their physical and spiritual properties, cleansing and programmingContinue reading “Crystals and crystal grids”

Protection magick/Enochian magic

By Mari Silva. 2021 215 pages. ***** Excellent Part I discusses the basics of protection magick, including magical tools, elemental spirits, essential oils, cleansing, Staying safe during Astral travel, affirmations, amulets and talismans and planetary magic. Part 2 discusses Enochian magic, ceremonialmagi , fallen angels, arch gel sigil, Kabbalah and invocation. Does good job ofContinue reading “Protection magick/Enochian magic”