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56 books that could change your life

Activate your light: Upgrade your energy to step into your calling as a light worker
By Audrey Hoffman. Modern Wisdom Press. 2014. 142 pages.

Do you feel deeply in your soul that you have a purpose for being here on this planet? Then you are a light worker. This is a guide for light workers. 8-step process to reignite your intuition and power. Guided meditation exercises, meditations, personal ceremony ideas, affirmations and additional resources

Angel numbers: the message behind 11:11 and other numbers

If you are interested in angel numbers, this is your book. Angel numbers are very signs from angels and each carries a divine message that will encourage, guide and inspire you

A Practical Guide for Runes: Their use for divination and magick

Authoritative guide to reading runes, a history of runes, rune magic, rune casting, tips, the meaning of the Elder furthak, and use in magic.

A return to love: Reflection on a Course in Miracles

By Marianne. Williamson. HarperCollins Publishers. 1992. 182 pages.

This is a clear explanation of the often arcane concepts of Course in Miracles

A separate reality: further conversations with Don Juan

By Carlos Castaneda. Touchstone. 1972. 318 pages

Accounts of peyote visions and metaphysical insights from them. Controversial classic of the 60s.

Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct revelation use

By Sandra Ingram and Han Wesselman. Sounds True. 2010. 360 pages

A beginners guide for the shamanic arts that includes

Rituals and ceremonies

Working with your dreams, songs and visions

Shamanic journeying

Beginners guide to numerology: decide relationships, opportunities and discover your destiny

By Joy Woodward. Rockbridge. 20109. 170 pages.

Beginners guide to the mystical relationship between numbers and life path.

Choosing simplicity

By Linda Pierce. Gallagher Press. 350 pages.

Fascinating case study based on a questionnaire of people involved in simple living

Complete guide to astrology

By Louise Eddington. Rockridge press. 2020. 164 pages

Comprehensive guide covers the sun and moon signs, planets, the hours and birth chart.

Creative Visualization

By Shatki Gawain. New World Library. 1976. 202 page.

Classic text on creative visualization, the technique of using your mental images and senses to create what you want in life.

Eastern minds, western bodies: psychology and chakra system as a path to the self

By Judith Anode.  Celestial Arts. 2004. 488 pages

Classic text relating western psychology to the analysis of the seven chakras

Everyday suchness

By Goma M. kubose. Dharma house. 2004. 142 pages.

This is a real gem of a book. Explains the basic concepts of Buddhism to the average American

Hatha yoga

Swami isvanda rahda. N.p. 2011. 33 pages

Essential reading for Hatha yoga students. 22 classical asanas with photos.

Heal your family karma: release the seven shadows

By Sara Wiseman. Wiseman creative. 2014. 37 pages

This book is designed as a self study course for those who wish to heal family dysfunction in the past, present and future

Herb Magic

By Patti Whittington. Rockridge press. 2000. 231 pages

40 different herbs and their magical uses. Instructions on making sachets, pillows, infusions.

Hermeticism: The ultimate guide to understanding the Hermetica

By Mari Silva. Kindle. 2021.

Hermeticism is an an ancient almagram of Greek and Egyptian belief that combines science, philosophy and metaphysics.

In Hermeticism, the observer and the observed are linked. The outside world reflects your feelings, ideas and perceptions

How not to manifest

By Elena Rivers. Kindle 2020 104 pages

Written in a breezy and understandable style, this book is a good introduction tl to manifestation and LOA

Lucid dreaming: a simple guide to controlling dreams while improving sleep, boosting creativity, increasinh wellness, and overcoming nightmares and sleep problems.?

By Silvia Hill Kindle. 2021 135 pages

Dreams and their meaning. Lucid dreaming techniques

Magic by design

By Taylor Elwood. magical experiments. 2020. 101 pages.

Nuts and bolts approach to designing a magical system. Recommended for the experienced magic practitioner.

Modern witchcraft guide to the wheel of the year

by Modern Witchcraft series. Adams media. 2019. 228 pages

Encyclopedia of information about the 12 Wiccan holidays, crafts, infusions, incenses.

Not always so?

By Shunruyu Suzuki. HarperOne. 2009. 178 pages

Lectures on Zen practice by the founder of the San Francisco Zen Center. With humor and down-to-earthness, Suzuki encourage you to find your own way.

Out on a limb

By Shirley MacLaine.  Bantam books.  1983. 382 pages

Story of a spiritual journey in which the concepts of past lives, immortality and aliens become as real as the outside world

Past lives, future healing

By Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison. Berkeley. 2001. 237 pages.

In her friendly no nose se style that her fans grown to love, Browne accounts amazing stories of clients transformed by past life therapy.

Power Animals

By Steven b. Farmer.Hay House. 2009. 300 pages

Common answers to questions about power animals as spirit guides. Discusses shamanic journeying.

Practical Intuition: how to harness the power of your intuition and make it work

By Laura Day. Laura Day, inc. 2020. 210 pages

Laura, well-known Hollywood intuitive, show you how to unlock your intuition for decision-making in personal and professional decisions

Scripting with the law of Attraction: tips, techniques and templates that manifest your dream life through scripts

Discusses steps in scripting, writing the story of your life exactly as you want it. Define your goals, work out limiting beliefs, write your script in the present tense, after scripting, act as it has already been manifested.


Telepathy: unlocking the secrets of sending telepathic messages and psychic development

By Mari Silva. Kindle. 2020.79 p.

This book unlocks the sending of telepathic communications. History of telepathy, advanced techniques, exercises to open your third eye, meditation, twin telepathy.

The Aquarian conspiracy

By Marilyn Ferguson. Hough Mifflin company.  1981. 282 pages.

This seminal book, written in 1980, is relevant today. The book is a valuable history of the new consciousness and offer hope to those trying about change.

The  Camino: a journey of the Spirit

By Shirley Maclaine. Atria Books. 2000. 320 pages.

Account of pilgrimage to st James De compostello in Spain. Astonishing visions of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The crystal bible

By Judy hall. Krause publications. 2003. 400 pages.

Classic text on crystals, their spiritual properties, colors, shapes and applications.

The Diamond Cutter: the Buddha on managing your business and life

By Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. Three rivers s press. 2000

How Buddhist monk built diamond business using Buddhist principles. Contains Buddhist solutions to 47 common business problems.

The Greatest Secret

By Rhonda Byrne. HarperOne. 2020. 273 pages.

Another book by the author of The Secret. The greatest secret is Awareness. Awareness is the life force that animates everything. Imterpersed with quotations from noted writers and philosophers.

The magic (the Secret Book 3)

By Rhonda Byrne. Atria books. 2012. 234 page.

Sequel to The Secret.  Gratitude is the magic that transforms your relationships into joyful reality, no matter how stale they are.

The Mystic Way

By Sara Wiseman. Kindle. 2020. 202 p.

Teaches the secrets of astral projection and soul journeying. Guided meditation exercises for lessons and suggested questions for journaling.

The Purpose of life

By Carol Adrienne. New York. Harper. 1998. 200 pages.

In this book, the bestselling coauthor explores synchronicity in her life and show how to use your intuition to achieve success.

The Secret

By Rhonda Byrne. Atria Books. 2006

Popular self-help book explains the Law of Attraction. Interviews with LoA experts.

The solitary Witch

By Silver Ravenwolf. Llewellyn publications. 228 pages.

Encyclopedia of witchcraft practice for the solitary practitioner. It has everything you can imagine: astrology,crystals runes, tarot, spells and rituals.

The ultimate guide to Ryder Waite Tarot

By Evelin Burger and Johanne Fiebug. Llewellyn publications. 2013. 218 pages.

Discover everything you wanted to know about the world’s most popular tarot deck. Details the symbols on each card of the deck with hundreds of illustrations

Waking the witch

By Pam Grossman. Gallery books. 2020. 304 pages.

Witches in art, literature, movies, music and contemporary culture. Written by a practice witch whose magical by a practicing witches whose magical projects are featured in the New York Times.

Writing with the muse

By Sara Wiseman. Kindle. 2014. 100 pages

Explores new way to approach creativity. Creativity no longer involves struggle. Instead, it is the natural result of experiencing our lives as conscious beings. This is written for writers, but could be used by all creative artists, inventors. Journal exercises at the end

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