Spells and Rituals for busy Witches

By Blair blackened. 2019


This book is an easy to read and comprehensive guide to witchcraft practice. Discusses preparing for spellcasting, spells for happiness, for love, for family, friends and yourself, for health and healing and for celebration. Glossary. References.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Update from the Trenches

Tarot card of the dsy; two of wands. Keywords: future planning, progress, decision, discovery

Today I’d the 11th anniversary of Paul’s death. On. Saturday, I will go to his grave and talk about the past year. Last Thursday, I went to a Brazilian steakhouse with fat slabs of sirloin. Better than Texas Roadhouse. We then went to sky river. Debbie won $180. I am watching a lot of movies that I find through reelgood app.


Don’t worry

On her silver rays



Metaphysical millionnaires

Awakening your psychic abilities

The tea withcraft grimoire

Manifestation with the law of attraction

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Metaphysical millionnaires

By J. Purcell. Golden Middle Publishing. 2022. 328 pages.

Metaphysical millionnaires are persons who manifest verifiable financial independence using metaphysical principles and practices (particularly meditation). This monumental book delves into the Quantum physics underlying metaphysical phenomenon and describe the metaphysical principles, such as gratitude and intention, as essential stepping stones to manifestation and happiness. Full of fascinating case sudies of famous people, such as Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, who have used metaphysical principles for success. Espouses the golden middle path; that is, purposeful action combined with metaphysics is superior to either one. Helpful summaries and action items at the end of each chapter. Illustrations. Endnotes. Index.

Awakening your psychic ability

By Lisa Capion.2924. 208 pages


Everyone has innate psychic ability and can develop it through practice. In this thorough and well organized book, you will learn how to identify your psychic senses (clairsesnses), recognize signs, synchronicity and omens, work with divination tools and spirit guides. Chapters 6-10 describes the three psychic realms (lower, middle, upper) and their inhabitants. Illustrations. Exercises endnotes


By Silvia Hill. 2023. 126 pages.

Describes the religion of the Yoruba, Voodoo, Santorini, and the influence of Christianity and Islam. Discusses orisha in Voodoo and egun in Santeria. The orisha are similar to angels or saints in Catholicism. Describes Oluomatle (supreme being). Describes creating a shrine and how to cast and read stones in Ifa divination. Illustrations. Glossary. References.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Ancient astology

By Mari Silva. 2023. 128. Paged

This well researched and comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to Egyptian, Babylonian, Helenistic and Hermetic astrology. Discusses modern astrology, its popularity and benefits and the influence ancient astrology had on modern astrology. Step by step instructions on how to construct an astrology. Glossary. Illustrations. References.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

On her silver wings

By Frances Billingheart. Moon bookd. 2022. 256 pages

This unique book is about the Moon as viewed in science, astrology and witchcraft. Working with the moon can be likened to a voyage of self-discovery. The first section discuusrs aligning our conscious self with the moon phases through journaling and prayer. The second section concerns the moon in astrology. The third section deal with moon magic and rituals. The fourth section discusses correspondences and other associations. Illustrations. Index. Resources. References.

Don’t worry

By shinyon Masuno. 20919

***** Exce─║lent

This book contains 48 zen Buddhist lessons on relieving anxiety. The lessons are arranged around the following principles: 1) let go, leave behind; 2) Concentrate on things you can achieve here and now; 3) Step away from competition; 4) surprising relationships and 5) change how you feel about things and your life will change for the better. This book, written in read to style, contains practical wisdom for everybody, not just Zen Buddhists

Update from the trenches

Tarot card of the day: nine of cups. Keywords: contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, wish come true

I went to the brick house on Wednesday with my young friend, Marlin. It was her birthday. I saw my psychiatrist. She was concerned that I had gained 9 pounds in the last few months. I am going to cut my portions. Other news: I signed up for the Disney Channel


Reading the Stard

Seeking Wisdom

Breathing Love

The sound of one hand

The Hoodoo Book of Magic


Tarot Therapy

The Tibetan book of the Dead

Neuroscience of yoga and meditation

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Tarot therapy

By Leona Nichole Black. St Martin’s publishing. 1923

***** Excellent

Tarot therapy is a supplement to conventional talk therapy. Unlike regular tarot, tarot therapy deals with present issues, not future predictions. The chapters are arranged around various issues, discussing the author’s personal experiences and an interpretation of a three card spread of major arcana cards. Valuable insight not only about Tarot but about the author’s life as a black British woman and educator.