Update from the Trenches February 18 2020

On a personal note, I have received a raw ruby and a Winchester mystery House refrigerator magnet. I am disappointed that my moonstone ring, raven necklace and triple moon bracelet has been delayed due to snow storms. However, I found out on Wednesday that it is coming. My son came over and packed all my books and postcards. I am clearing out stuff in preparation for my move to a shared room. It feels a little like dying. But dying is part of life. I have too much stuff and this will be an exercise in simplicity and Buddhist detachment.

On a work note, my space has been getting 5000 views a week and staying stable at 14.9k followers. I wrote reviews of Father God by Sylvia Browne and God is Nothingness, a Vedanta book

Update from the trenches February 20207

On a work note, my space has 17k views this week. I wrote an article on Harbin hot springs near Calistoga. I also am writing an article on empaths.

On a personal note, I got a refrigerator magnet of the Sutter buttes fruit crate label. On February 7. I got the covid-19 vaccination for the second time. I felt achy and congested on Tuesday but feel better today. It is sure not like the flu vaccine. On Monday, I went for my six,-month checkup to my neurologist. On Wednesday, I went to my four month checkup to my GP.

Update from the Trenches February 4 2020

On a work note, I am going to be writing some articles on Candlemas (imbolc), a Celtic holiday, marking the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox, taking place on February 1, Gurdieff, a Russian mystic, and the history of Harbin Hot springs, a new Age retreat center near Clear Lake that I frequently visited during my younger days. My space is still at 14.9k followers but I am getting 13.5k views a week.

On a personal note, I got bored and bought a bunch of stuff from Amazon and eBay. I bought some raw ruby, emerald, and blue topaz stones. I also got a Sutter buttes, Sedona and Mt Lassen fruit label magnets.

Update from the trenches January 28, 2021

On a personal note, it looks like we got through the first week of the biden administration. I hope that the Republicans don’t diddle around with trying to cut the stimulus package. I want my stimulus check right now because I gave my son some money for his moving expenses and he will not be to pay me until the end of February. I will be seeing his new place February 20. I just let him take his time. I have been trying to spend less money. I am reducing my amazon purchases to $40 a month next month. I bought a gloria Vanderbilt pair of jeans and some bulk crystals. I also got a stretch belt for my jeans.

On a work note, this week my Quora space New Success Models celebrates it’s first anniversary with 14.9k followers. I will write a special thank you for my contributors. I am exploring more topics for space posts. I was writing a book review on a book about gurdieff, a Russian mystic who invented the enneagram, a tool for self discovery. I found I had room in my bookcase because I had a duplicate of Galen Rowan’s Bay area wild which I will give to my son.

Update from the trenches, January 21, 2020

On a personal note, I have not done much writing lately. All I am going to be doing is this update. I need a rest from writing. I have been watching 2-3 movies a day. I did not have the occasion when I was younger to watch many movies so I am catching up on older movies from the 1950-1990 period as well as watching the newest Netflix and Amazon releases. YouTube has recently expanded its repertoire of good full-length movies (with ads) so I am watching those. I have a backlog of about forty movies.

Also, I am going on a money diet. I am cutting down on spending on certain foods from the grocery store which I suspect is aggraving my incontinence and also cutting down on unnnecesary purchases on Amazon. I am not taking any out of town trips until late February when I have gotten both doses of the covid vaccine. As the Velvet Underground said, “The first thing you learn is that you got to wait.”

Sunday. I had the first covid-19 vaccine and will receive the next around February 7. I suffered some muscle soreness which disturbed my sleep on Tuesday but feel fine now. I am glad that Trump is out and we can have someone sane in office. However, I think Trump will still be in the news because that’s what he gets off on.

On a work note, not much is going on. My space is still at 14.9k followers. I wrote an article on Christianity and the New Age and another Trump manifestation. I am going to be writing some reviews of books by Sylvia Porter.

Update from the trenches January 17, 2020

Friday was Christmas. I got a compass necklace, a masked santa Claus ornament, a piece of black tourmaline, and a beautiful necklace from my friend Elma. I am worried about the state of the country. I have friends that are ardent Trump supporters and i can see how they are blind to all his faults and will go along with whatever he wants to do. I am afraid for our country.

On a work note, i have found ouT the reason my quora space has been growing slowly. Quora has changed its search algorithm so that it is shown to a more select audience who will be more likely to participate in the space. I have also sent out invitations to my followers and have gotten some positive response. I have been reading and reviewing two books. I am exploring some new topics, such as astral projection, angel numbers, chakra healing and telepathy.

Update from the trenches January 7, 2021

There is uncertainity. We have political uncertainity: the Georgia runoffs on january 5 and the certification of election results on January 6. I am still waiting for the vaccine and stuff from Amazon and other online vendor. I am adding to my crystal collection and i bought a working compass necklace. I got my miniverse necklace It was with sadness that i put away my Christmas decorations.

I was manifesting the Democratic majority in the Senate. The manifestation was sucessful, now i am manifesting a peaceful transfer of power. Who knows what is going to happen?

On a work note, my quora space still hasn’t manifested 15k followers. I am putting it on the back burner for now. After looking at other metaphyshical sites, i realized that i have a pretty large following. I am doing reviews of movies and books on topics other than manifestation and the law of attraction. I will be exploring other subjects such as minimalism, tarot, runes, herbs, crystals and alchemy. My stats for last year were pretty good: 419k total contents, 2.6 upvotes, 1.52 shares.


On a personal note, i am in this week, in a holding pattern. Everything is uncertain. I dont know when i am getting a stimulus check, getting vaccinated, getting my bracelet and santa claus ornament, getting out of room isolation or finally getting to see my chiropractor or friends. I am still in room isolation. We started to have exercise and coffee breaks again. I have keeping reading and reviewing a book a day and videomessaging my son every day. I have seen quite a few musicals, including Pal Joey, Carousel, Judy and DeLovely. For New Year’s gift, i am adding some crystals to my collection.

On a work note my quora space still hasn’t manifested 15k followers. I am writing reviews of books on manifestation and magic. The magic book reviews are quite popular. On New Year’s Day, i am reviewing my writing accomplishments for 2020 and a manifestation list for 2021,

Update from the Trenches

Update from the trenches is a weekly post on every Thursday detailing my personal and work activities.

Nov. 19, 2020 on a work note,it has been a very productive week. I have published on Kindle The Riddle of Karma and Other Writings on Kindle. An excerpt is on my home page. I will be publishing another book Karma and Success through https://www.kingdomofatlantis.com

For inspiration in dire times: quora/q/newsuccessmodels