Update from the trenches March 19, 2021

On a personal note, I finally installed Google on my Jitterbug. I gave up waiting to hear from Google and went ahead and installed it. I downloaded a whole bunch of apps, such as Spotify, WordPress and so on. I bought an Italian horn and a beautiful necklace with a pine tree and moon on. It is $34 marked down to 9.00 because the online boutique is going out of business. Next month I am going to buy some travel books and a crossword dictionary for the activities center library.

On a work note, my site has 2.5k views this week. I have been writing reviews of books on mt Shasta and harbin hot springs, bot.h popular new age attractions in Northern california.

Update from the Trenches March 11 2020

On a personal note, I have been fixing up my room. Putting up pictures. Bought my last two necklaces: a photo of the moon on my birthdate and an Italian horn, a pepper shaped amulet designed to protect against the evil eye. Saw Nicholas and Rose on sunday. I stayed two hours just soaking up the sun in front of Starbucks. Next purchases will be used books of nature photography for the collection at the activity center of the assisted living facility I live at. Trying to watch the movies that I have before starting on any new ones.

On a work note, not doing much. Can’t do any book reviews because I have a problem setting up Google on my new computer. I can’t remember my password and Google is very fussy about issuing a new password. I am just writing my updates. I want to take a break from it all and do something completely away from the computer.

Update from the Trenches March 3 2021

What a crazy week it’s been. This is he first time that I have shared a room with someone not related to me for the first time since I was 23. After a few initial bumps, it has been working out. My roommate wants to sleep with the light on. I had a problem the first night; however, the facility provided me with a screen and I am getting earplugs. We bonded over me helping her get “law and order” on her new complicated TV. She was happy about that. I had to replace some things: my green man sticker, my lava lamp and my floss. I got some additional items, a wristwatch, a tarot card necklace and necklace which is a working kaleidoscope. I spend my early morning in the activity center and watch the spectacular sunrise. I feel comfortable up there. No one bothers me and I am around my books. I have a microwave for my coffee and a bathroom nearby!

On a work note, not much is going on. I haven’t written any articles other than my update. My site stays at roughly 4.5k weekly views. I have been answering about 10 questions a day.

Update from the Trenches February 25, 2021

I have not been doing too much writing lately. I have written some reviews on a book on auras. My Quora space has 3.3k views last week.

On a personal note, I am packing up my room for the move to a shared room. I am distributing my possession. My son is getting books and pictures and some other things. Elma’s getting the bookshelves, table and clothes. I am putting my crystals on debbie’s windowsill. I am going some of my pictures to the facility. It’s a busy week. On Tuesday, I am getting a colonoscopy. Can’t eat anything for two days. Got through the colonoscopy okay. Don’t have to go in for another five years. Moving in on March 1st.