I affirmations my power

By Phoebe Garnswothy. No Meel publishers. 2023. 139 pages ***** excellent This simply written and practical book uses affirmations, journaling to reveal the divine light within you and build confidence and trust in the universe. Discusses creating our sacred space, making rituals and using affirmations to define your power. Ilustrations.

500+ affirmations for mental toughness

This innovative book of 500 positive affirmations are designed specifically maximize performance for athletes and entrepreneurs but can be used by anyone. The first section contains 3 sets of affirmations. The first set is to be used before a game or event. The second set is to be used after a game or event. TheContinue reading “500+ affirmations for mental toughness”

Hoodoo Magic Spells

By Melissa Gomes. 2022. ****excellent Hoodoo is a folk magick practice which, unlike voodoo, uses physical properties to influence the spirits. This is a beginners guide to conjuring with roots, herbs, candles and oils, discusses deities and gods, spells, Hoodoo dolls and mojo bags. 59 positive affirmation for Hoodoo practitioners. I received a free copyContinue reading “Hoodoo Magic Spells”

Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology

Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology. This book will teach you now to use numerology to understand yourself better so you can determine your fate and manifest your life purpose. Discuusrr birthday numbed destiny numbers, life purpose numbers, single digits and the Three Pillars, master numbers, astrology birth chart numbers personal cycle numbers. 59Continue reading “Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology”