Magic of astrology

By Jessica Allen. Penguin Random house. 2021. 267 pages. ***** Excellent Informative and comprehensive guide to the Zodiac Signs and what they reveal about you. Discusses history and basics of astrology. Under each sign, describes the strengths, weaknesses and preferences of a person born under that sign and the sign’s magical correspondences. Illustrations.

Ancient astology

By Mari Silva. 2023. 128. Paged This well researched and comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to Egyptian, Babylonian, Helenistic and Hermetic astrology. Discusses modern astrology, its popularity and benefits and the influence ancient astrology had on modern astrology. Step by step instructions on how to construct an astrology. Glossary. Illustrations. References. I received aContinue reading “Ancient astology”

On her silver wings

By Frances Billingheart. Moon bookd. 2022. 256 pages This unique book is about the Moon as viewed in science, astrology and witchcraft. Working with the moon can be likened to a voyage of self-discovery. The first section discuusrs aligning our conscious self with the moon phases through journaling and prayer. The second section concerns theContinue reading “On her silver wings”

Four recommended spiritual books available on Libby

These four books are available through Libby Library Services and are recommended additions to your spiritual library Reading the Stars. By book riot. 2022. 203 pages. This book provides a new slant on astrology by gearing to book lovers. Under each sign, there is discussed the reading personality, famous authors and recommended reading. References. SeekingContinue reading “Four recommended spiritual books available on Libby”

Practical astrology

By Mari Silva 2023 This well researched and comprehensive book will teach everything you need, not just to study astrology, but to apply to your everyday life. The hands-on instructions and exercises ensure a high degree of practical applicability. History of astrology and definition of practical astrology as the study of the inherent traits andContinue reading “Practical astrology”

Planetary magic

By Mari Silva. 2022 Learn how and why the planets influence your life. This comprehensive and well researched guide discusses rituals and spells associated with the planet. Discusses grimoires, natal charts, and dignified, malefic and beneficial aspect and correspondence (for example, crystals and animals) associated with the sun, moon and planets. Illustrations. References. I receivedContinue reading “Planetary magic”


By Mari Silva. 2022 ***** excellent This comprehensive and well researched book concerns Geomancy. Geomancy is an ancient form of divination that uses the power of the earth to answer your questions about the past, present and future. Discusses history, the elements, Zodiac signs, planets, how to prepare for a geomancy reading, how to castContinue reading “Geomancy”

Rising signs

By Silvia Hill. 2033 ***** excellent This informative guide discusses finding and interpreting your rising star (Ascendant) a little discussed topic in astrology. Your rising signs is the sign of constellation dominant in the horizon at the sunrise on the day when you were born. It represents your outer personality and outlook on life. InContinue reading “Rising signs”

Spiritual astrology

By Mari Silva. 2022 **** excellent What is spiritual astrology? Spiritual astrology is the study of the influence of the celestial bodies on your spiritual life path. This informative book is a complete guide to the Zodiac, houses, planetary placements, twin flames, soul mates, moon phases and sun signs. Illustration. References. I received a freeContinue reading “Spiritual astrology”

The Zodiac Signs

By Sylvia Hill. 2022. 206 pages. This well researched and comprehensive book discusses everything you need to know about the basics of astrology including sun and moon signs, lunar houses, planets and rising signs. In this in depth look at the Zodiac signs, you will will learn how each sign manifests in your life. Illustrations.Continue reading “The Zodiac Signs”