The Zodiac Signs

By Sylvia Hill. 2022. 206 pages. This well researched and comprehensive book discusses everything you need to know about the basics of astrology including sun and moon signs, lunar houses, planets and rising signs. In this in depth look at the Zodiac signs, you will will learn how each sign manifests in your life. Illustrations.Continue reading “The Zodiac Signs”

Predictive Astrology

By Sylvia Hill. 2022. 179 pages This comprehensive and well researched book discusses Predictive astrology in which you familiarize yourself with the mysterious influences of the stars, what they want from you and how they affect your life. Discusses planets and their numbers, the Zodiac signs, the twelve hours, aspects, outer and inner transits, readingContinue reading “Predictive Astrology”

Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences

By Judy Hall. 2019. O-Books. 469 pages ***** Excellent This comprehensive book by Judy Hall, the author of the bestselling the Crystal Bible, is an A-Z directory with a selection of crystals for a particular illness and its underlying conditions. For example the prescription for addiction includes not only the specific issues but issues, suchContinue reading “Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences”

Moon Signs

By Silvia Hill. 2022. 114 pages ***** excellent Your Moon sign is the astronomical sign corresponding to the moon’s position at the time of your birth. Yourmoon sign represents your emotion, intuition, and subconscious mind. This informative and well researched book is divided into three parts. Part one introduces you to the basics of MoonContinue reading “Moon Signs”

Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology

Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology. This book will teach you now to use numerology to understand yourself better so you can determine your fate and manifest your life purpose. Discuusrr birthday numbed destiny numbers, life purpose numbers, single digits and the Three Pillars, master numbers, astrology birth chart numbers personal cycle numbers. 59Continue reading “Informative and comprehensive beginners guide to numerology”