The proven path to self compassion

By Zera Young. 2023 ***** Exce─║lent Self compassion is the practice of being kind and understanding of the flaws and your mistakes. This book provides methods for cultivating self-compassion, including meditation, body scans, self-care and affirmations. Discusses developing compassion for others. References. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarilyContinue reading “The proven path to self compassion”

Places that scare you

By Pema Chodron. Shambala publications. 2001. 209 pages. A guide to fearlessness in difficult times. Discusses the Buddhist concept of boddhichitta, the ability to feel pain with others. Describes the practices to increase boddhichitta: accepting egolessness, impermanence and suffering sitting meditation, slogans, four limitless qualities chant, loving-kindness (maitri), tonglen, the five strengths, the sun bodhisattvaContinue reading “Places that scare you”

Awakening loving-kindness

By Pema Chodron. Shambala publications. 1996. 172 pages ***** excellent This Buddhist classic consist of talks at a one month retreat in the spring of 1989. They were intended to inspire the participants to train wholeheartedly awake to everything that occurred and to use the abundance of daily as a primary guide and teaching. ThisContinue reading “Awakening loving-kindness”