Crystals and crystal grids

By Mari Silva. 2023 By Silvia hill ***** Excellent Part I explains Crystal healing, crystal grids, cooking crystals for your grif, grids for love and relationships, career and money, prosperity and abundance, fending off depression, for spirit communication, protection and grid uses and maintained. Part 2 discusses crystals.their physical and spiritual properties, cleansing and programmingContinue reading “Crystals and crystal grids”

Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences

By Judy Hall. 2019. O-Books. 469 pages ***** Excellent This comprehensive book by Judy Hall, the author of the bestselling the Crystal Bible, is an A-Z directory with a selection of crystals for a particular illness and its underlying conditions. For example the prescription for addiction includes not only the specific issues but issues, suchContinue reading “Crystal prescriptions volume 7 creating crystal essences”