By Becky Kildonan. 2023. 140 pages ****Good In this workbook, you will learn how to shift your perspective and cultivate a positive mindset all the while surrendering the outcome to the divine. 7 week course full of practical tips, tools,, habits, you will discover how to live your life as if you already attained abundanceContinue reading “Manifest”

Your crystals, your journey, your journal

By Theresa Dellbridge. Godsfield. 260 paged. This useful book helps you discover your own special crystal that form a code that help you enhance your life. Tou will choose eight crystals, your Personality, relaxation, Healing, Protectioj, Love, Meditation, money an Success crstals, and journal about how you feel about each one. Illustrations. Recommended for allContinue reading “Your crystals, your journey, your journal”

Chakra Healing

By Melissa Gomes. 2022 **** excellent This informative and well researched beginners guide to chakra healing. Overview of the seven major chakras and what they do. Discusses kundalini energy, maintaining a daily balance in life, and illnesses that come from unbslanced chakras. Specific healing techniques for each Chakra. 59 positive affirmations for Chakra healing. IContinue reading “Chakra Healing”