Healing your inner child workbook

By Cher Hamptom. 2023 *****Exce─║lent This short book is a complementary workbook to the book Healing Your Ijnner Child and contains meditation exercises, journal prompts and affirmations for healing childhood trauma. The inner child healing journey contains five stages: 1) reach out to your inner child; 2) identify past childhood wounds; 3) practice radical aceptance;Continue reading “Healing your inner child workbook”

Practical astrology

By Mari Silva 2023 This well researched and comprehensive book will teach everything you need, not just to study astrology, but to apply to your everyday life. The hands-on instructions and exercises ensure a high degree of practical applicability. History of astrology and definition of practical astrology as the study of the inherent traits andContinue reading “Practical astrology”

How to Focus

By Thich Nhat Hahn. Parallax Press. 2022 This classic of Buddhist literature discusses developing mindfulness. In the state of mindful concentration, you keep your focus steady, even and intent. When mindfulness and concentration are powerful, we can make a breakthrough and get an insight. Discusses five universal formations, the three Dharma seals and the sixteenContinue reading “How to Focus”