Ancient astology

By Mari Silva. 2023. 128. Paged This well researched and comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to Egyptian, Babylonian, Helenistic and Hermetic astrology. Discusses modern astrology, its popularity and benefits and the influence ancient astrology had on modern astrology. Step by step instructions on how to construct an astrology. Glossary. Illustrations. References. I received aContinue reading “Ancient astology”

Divination for beginners

By Silvia Hill. 2023. This well researched and comprehensive beginners guide is a history of divination and brief practical explanations of some of the most popular divination tools, including astrology, numerology, palmistry, Tarot, crystals, runes and crystals balls. Glossary. Illustrations.references. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving aContinue reading “Divination for beginners”

Practical astrology

By Mari Silva 2023 This well researched and comprehensive book will teach everything you need, not just to study astrology, but to apply to your everyday life. The hands-on instructions and exercises ensure a high degree of practical applicability. History of astrology and definition of practical astrology as the study of the inherent traits andContinue reading “Practical astrology”