Covers, circles. And Grove

By Deborah baker. 2023. 309 pages. ****Exceĺlent This comprehensive and detailed book is a procedural manual forpagan group. Part I discusses the basics of Wicca, including the wheel of the year, rules, deities, tool, types of Witches. Part II are instructions for new moon and full moon and holiday (sabbats) ceremonies. Part III discusses circleContinue reading “Covers, circles. And Grove”

Happy Spring Equinox

Today is Spring Equinox. It is raining and Grey skies in Northrtn California. I feel like staying under the covers and enjoying the meditative stillness of winter for a little longer Ways to celebrate: Spend some time outdoors under the warm sun. Light a candle to symbolize the return of light. Create an Ostara altarContinue reading “Happy Spring Equinox”

Celtic spirituality

By Mari Silva. 2023. 506 pages. **** Excellent This well researched and comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to Druidism, Celtic shamanism, spells and rituals and tree astrology. Discusses basics of shamanism in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the Druids, deities and spirits, orgham, sacred plants, tree and plants, spells and charms, creating a bookContinue reading “Celtic spirituality”

Happy Imbolc!

Imbolc is a pagan holiday lasting from February 1 to sundown on February 2. It marks the halfway mark between winter solstice and spring equinox. This holiday celebrated Brigid, the Celtic goddess of wells, fire, blacksmiths and healing waters. Today, in Northern California, it is cold. I am going to put my crystals out inContinue reading “Happy Imbolc!”

Happy Halloween (Samhain)

Today is the Wiccan holiday of Samhain (Halloween) midway between the autumn equinox (Mabon) and winter solstice (Yule). For Celts Samhain was a time of communion with the spirits of the dead, which are free, like the wild autumnal winds, free to roam the earth. Today, I will take my crystals into the sun forContinue reading “Happy Halloween (Samhain)”


By Mari Silva. 2022. 104 pages The ultimate to winter solstice and how it is celebrated in Wicca, Druidry, Christianity, and Paganism. Discusses similarities and differences between Christmas and Tule, yuletide symbols, lore and deities, Yule crafts and decorations, setting up a Yule altar, recipes for a Yule feast, Yule activites, customs, rituals, ceremonies spellsContinue reading “Yule”