African Spirituality

By Mari Silva. 2023 ****excellent. This well researched book is the ultimate guide to the Yoruba religion. Santeria. Orishas. Ancestral veneration. Maat, Haitian Voodoo, and Hoodoo. Opens with overview of African spiritual practices and later chapters describes how spiritual communities are structured, rituals and deities, supreme creator God. Lwa. Ancestral veneration, sacred herbs and plants,Continue reading “African Spirituality”

Hoodoo for Beginners

By Sylvia Hill. 2023. 120 pages. *****excellent An essential guide to folk magic and using Hoodoo, a unique blend of African American, native American magic snd christisn to enhance yourself, to enhance yourself. Discuuses beliefs, deities, spitrit-, herbs and roots, creating a shrine, candles and bottles, rituals and spell.illustrations. ferences. I received a free copyContinue reading “Hoodoo for Beginners”

Hoodoo candle magic spells

By Amina Wayne. 2022. Book Tree 121 pages Candles are a standard tool for practitioners of Hoodoo, a type of African American folk magic. They can be used in conjunction with other magical tools, such as powders, oils and roots. Discusses choosing your candles according to your purpose, how to do a candle ritual, howContinue reading “Hoodoo candle magic spells”

Hoodoo for beginners: spells for Love and Protection

By Amina Wayne’s. Book Tree. 2023 *****Excellent Comprehensive and informative beginners guide to using the African American folk magic of Hoodoo to cast spells to attract love, friendship, justice and cleansing. Overview of Hoodoo and information on getting started with spellcasting. Illustrations. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving aContinue reading “Hoodoo for beginners: spells for Love and Protection”

Hoodoo Magic Spells

By Melissa Gomes. 2022. ****excellent Hoodoo is a folk magick practice which, unlike voodoo, uses physical properties to influence the spirits. This is a beginners guide to conjuring with roots, herbs, candles and oils, discusses deities and gods, spells, Hoodoo dolls and mojo bags. 59 positive affirmation for Hoodoo practitioners. I received a free copyContinue reading “Hoodoo Magic Spells”