Healing your inner child workbook

By Cher Hamptom. 2023 *****Exceĺlent This short book is a complementary workbook to the book Healing Your Ijnner Child and contains meditation exercises, journal prompts and affirmations for healing childhood trauma. The inner child healing journey contains five stages: 1) reach out to your inner child; 2) identify past childhood wounds; 3) practice radical aceptance;Continue reading “Healing your inner child workbook”

Healing the inner child

By Mari Silva. 2023. 118 paged. *****Exceĺlent This comprehensive and well researched book discusses how you can begin to heal your inner child. Inner child is term coined by Jung to describes those part of yourself that have not grown up. Dicuuses how you can deal with trauma through meditation, journaling and awareness. Quizzes. Exercises.Continue reading “Healing the inner child”

Chronic affirmations

By Judith S. Cooper. Rittenhouse. 141 pages. Not another affirmations book! However this book is unique because it deals with the specific condition of chronic pain and illness. This book consists of 365 daily affirmations. The reader repeats each affirmation morning and night and, for further reinforcement, is encouraged to incorporate the affirmation into theirContinue reading “Chronic affirmations”

On her silver wings

By Frances Billingheart. Moon bookd. 2022. 256 pages This unique book is about the Moon as viewed in science, astrology and witchcraft. Working with the moon can be likened to a voyage of self-discovery. The first section discuusrs aligning our conscious self with the moon phases through journaling and prayer. The second section concerns theContinue reading “On her silver wings”

Your crystals, your journey, your journal

By Theresa Dellbridge. Godsfield. 260 paged. This useful book helps you discover your own special crystal that form a code that help you enhance your life. Tou will choose eight crystals, your Personality, relaxation, Healing, Protectioj, Love, Meditation, money an Success crstals, and journal about how you feel about each one. Illustrations. Recommended for allContinue reading “Your crystals, your journey, your journal”

I affirmations my power

By Phoebe Garnswothy. No Meel publishers. 2023. 139 pages ***** excellent This simply written and practical book uses affirmations, journaling to reveal the divine light within you and build confidence and trust in the universe. Discusses creating our sacred space, making rituals and using affirmations to define your power. Ilustrations.