Roscrucian magic and kabbalistic tarot

By Mari Silva. 2023. 270 paged Part I of this comprehensive book concerns the history of Rocucianism along with its symbols to Gnosticism and Hermeticm. Part 2 will teach you about the links between the ancient Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbalah and divination. It focuses on using the Tarot but also discusses other forms ofContinue reading “Roscrucian magic and kabbalistic tarot”

Protection magick/Enochian magic

By Mari Silva. 2021 215 pages. ***** Excellent Part I discusses the basics of protection magick, including magical tools, elemental spirits, essential oils, cleansing, Staying safe during Astral travel, affirmations, amulets and talismans and planetary magic. Part 2 discusses Enochian magic, ceremonialmagi , fallen angels, arch gel sigil, Kabbalah and invocation. Does good job ofContinue reading “Protection magick/Enochian magic”