Protection spells for beginners

Frank bedloe A spell is any action or ritual that is performed with magical intention. This comprehensive and well researched beginners guide concerns protej, magical tools ,sacred circles and daily rituals for protection. Discuuses various forms of magick, such as herbs, candles, runes reversal magick and specific spells for personal and home protection. Illustrations. References.Continue reading “Protection spells for beginners”

The Witches Grimoire

By Melissa Gomes. 2022 *****excellent An informative and comprehensive beginner’s guide to magick and esoteric witchcraft. Discusses Wicca, witchcraft magick, setting up an altar, magical tools, crystals, wheel of the year, the clairsenses, Tarot., runes , palmistry, creating, charging and blessing a grimoire, a book of magical practices. 59 affirmations for making your grimoire. IContinue reading “The Witches Grimoire”