Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy

By Seth Gillman. HarperOne. 2023. 379 pages. This unique book by a clinical therapist contends that Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) when combined with mindfulness practices, can address the questions of spirituality, purpose and meaning. Mindfulness CBT can be summarized as follows; Think: change your beliefs Act; my body needs to take action. Be. My bodyContinue reading “Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy”

Golden, the power of silence

By Justin Zor and Leigh May. 2022. 578 paged ***** excellent This amazing book is a comprehensive treatment of the subject of silence. It discusses the nature and spirit of silence, the science of silence, noise (both actual and virtual), and finding silence alone and together. Thirty three ways of finding silence. Index. References.

Peace in every step

By Thich Nhat Hahn. Bantam books. 1991 ***** Excellent This Buddhist clasicis a guidebook for peace, both in oneself and the world. Thich Nhat Hahn begins by teaching mindful breathing and being aware of the acts of our daily life, such as washing the dishes and making our beds, then show the relation between innerContinue reading “Peace in every step”

How to Focus

By Thich Nhat Hahn. Parallax Press. 2022 This classic of Buddhist literature discusses developing mindfulness. In the state of mindful concentration, you keep your focus steady, even and intent. When mindfulness and concentration are powerful, we can make a breakthrough and get an insight. Discusses five universal formations, the three Dharma seals and the sixteenContinue reading “How to Focus”