Slavic mythology collection

Mythology books collectionn. 2023 **** Good Fairy tales of the Slavonic peasntd and herdsmen History and culture of the Slavs, including food and agriculture and medicine. Straightforward telling of the stories with no commentary. Illustrations. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Egyptian history and mythology

By Enthralling history. 2022 **** Excellent Part I of this informative and comprehensive book is an overview of Egyptian history society and religion from 3250 BC to 2013 AD. Section I of Part Ii deals with cosmology and afterlife in ancient Egypt. Section 2 deals with myth and legends. Section 3 deals with gods andContinue reading “Egyptian history and mythology”

Yoruba mythology

2022 **** Good This book brings together west African folk tales from the Yoruba and Hausa of Nigeria to thr Jobo of Liberia and more. Some of these stiried are on themes found in stories worldwide, such as the Cinderella story, the cleverness and courage of women, reward and punishment. Others pertaining to west AfricanContinue reading “Yoruba mythology”