Healing the inner child

By Mari Silva. 2023. 118 paged. *****Exce─║lent This comprehensive and well researched book discusses how you can begin to heal your inner child. Inner child is term coined by Jung to describes those part of yourself that have not grown up. Dicuuses how you can deal with trauma through meditation, journaling and awareness. Quizzes. Exercises.Continue reading “Healing the inner child”

Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy

By Seth Gillman. HarperOne. 2023. 379 pages. This unique book by a clinical therapist contends that Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) when combined with mindfulness practices, can address the questions of spirituality, purpose and meaning. Mindfulness CBT can be summarized as follows; Think: change your beliefs Act; my body needs to take action. Be. My bodyContinue reading “Mindful cognitive behavioral therapy”