Psychic Reiki/energy vampires

*****Excellent By Mari Silva. 2023. 262 pages Part I of this well comprehensive and well researched book unlocks the secrets of psychic development and energy healing using Reiki Discusses enenergy, meditation and visualization, Reiki. Working with spirit guides. Part 2 discusses psychic vsmpitrd and discusses psychic self defense for empathy and highly sensitive persons. 30-dsyContinue reading “Psychic Reiki/energy vampires”

Psychic Reiki

By Mari Silva. 2022. 136 pages *****excellent If you are a psychic familiar with Reiki (Japanese energy healing technique based on the belief that vital energy flows through the body), then this book is for you. This comprehensive and well researched book straightforwardly presents concept so that both beginners and advanced practices can understand them.Continue reading “Psychic Reiki”