Norse shamanism

By Silvia Hill. 2024. 116 pages. *****excellent This comprehensive and well researched guide unlocks the secrets of Norse Shamanism beliefs and practices. Teaches modern-day Shamanism to connect with the spirit world and learn about the culture of the ancient Norse. Will focus on the rituals of becoming a Norse Shaman with exercises and rituals toContinue reading “Norse shamanism”

Shamanism for Beginners

Silvia Hill. 2022. 172 pages Explores shamanic beliefs and practices of Nativr American, Norse, Celtic and Siberian shamans. Discussed the Wounded Healer, cosmology, shamanic tools and practices, the medicine wheel, spirit animals, and shamanic plants and allies, clearing space for ceremony, opening the ceremonial circle, shamanic journeying and healing the future with ancestors. Illustrations. References.Continue reading “Shamanism for Beginners”