Sigil Witchery

By Laura Tempest. Zarkholic. 2018. Llewellyn publications.  334 pages. This practical book, written in a conversational style, teaches the writing of sigils, symbolic language whose meaning  is known only to the creator. Discusses history  of  witchcraft and mark making. Magick and spellcraft with sigils, sigil design, practice exercises, and gallery of sigils. Illustrations. Resources. Index.Continue reading “Sigil Witchery”

Signs, symbols and sacred geometry

By Mari Silva. 2022. 284 pages ***** Excellent This well researched and comprehensive guide unlocking the spiritual meaning of angelic sigils,, totems, and various shapes and symbols. Part I discusses the power and importance of symbols, sigil rituals, symbols in various cultures, symbolic meaning of dreams, religious and occult symbols and creating sigil. Part IIContinue reading “Signs, symbols and sacred geometry”