Ancient Egyptian magic

By Mari Silva 2024 *****excellent This well researched and comprehensive book, intended for both beginners and advanced practitioners, is the ultimate guide to gods, goddesses, divination, amulets, rituals and spells of ancient Egypt. Discuuses Heka (the God of magic), cosmology, Maat philosophy, Egyptian symbols, how to create amulets and magical tools, methods of divination, andContinue reading “Ancient Egyptian magic”

Spells and Rituals for busy Witches

By Blair blackened. 2019 *****Excellent This book is an easy to read and comprehensive guide to witchcraft practice. Discusses preparing for spellcasting, spells for happiness, for love, for family, friends and yourself, for health and healing and for celebration. Glossary. References. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leavingContinue reading “Spells and Rituals for busy Witches”

Hedge witchcraft

By Mari Silva. 2023 LG **** Excellent Hedge witchcraft combines kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft, folk magic, spirit work, animism and Celtic paganism. This comprehensive and well researched book discusses developing the hedge mind, tools, deities, contacting the Otherworld, cleansing and Protection rituals, meditation, spirit allies, herbs, plants and trees, divination, spellcrafting, recipes. Sabbats and rituals.Continue reading “Hedge witchcraft”

Protection spells for beginners

Frank bedloe A spell is any action or ritual that is performed with magical intention. This comprehensive and well researched beginners guide concerns protej, magical tools ,sacred circles and daily rituals for protection. Discuuses various forms of magick, such as herbs, candles, runes reversal magick and specific spells for personal and home protection. Illustrations. References.Continue reading “Protection spells for beginners”

Hoodoo for beginners: spells for Love and Protection

By Amina Wayne’s. Book Tree. 2023 *****Excellent Comprehensive and informative beginners guide to using the African American folk magic of Hoodoo to cast spells to attract love, friendship, justice and cleansing. Overview of Hoodoo and information on getting started with spellcasting. Illustrations. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving aContinue reading “Hoodoo for beginners: spells for Love and Protection”

Hoodoo for beginners: root workers spells for attracting wealth and health

By Amina Wayne’s. 2022. Book tree **** Excellent This is a beginners guide to casting spells for health, wealth, career success and luck. Discusses Hoodoo, the African American tradition of folk magic common in the the American South. Discusses the basic concepts and terminology of Hoodoo and Wicca. Discusses spellcasting including preparation for rituals variousContinue reading “Hoodoo for beginners: root workers spells for attracting wealth and health”


By Mari Silva. 2022. 104 pages The ultimate to winter solstice and how it is celebrated in Wicca, Druidry, Christianity, and Paganism. Discusses similarities and differences between Christmas and Tule, yuletide symbols, lore and deities, Yule crafts and decorations, setting up a Yule altar, recipes for a Yule feast, Yule activites, customs, rituals, ceremonies spellsContinue reading “Yule”

Hoodoo Magic Spells

By Melissa Gomes. 2022. ****excellent Hoodoo is a folk magick practice which, unlike voodoo, uses physical properties to influence the spirits. This is a beginners guide to conjuring with roots, herbs, candles and oils, discusses deities and gods, spells, Hoodoo dolls and mojo bags. 59 positive affirmation for Hoodoo practitioners. I received a free copyContinue reading “Hoodoo Magic Spells”