By Oaguis Revisita. 2023. Gaussian solutions. 375 pages. ***** Exce─║lent Reinterpretation of spirituality from a non-religious perspective. Establishes a benchmark from which religious concepts can be evaluated. Examines and debunks the concepts of organized religion and the New Age movement. Discusses conventional and alternative medicine, identity and consciousness, internet additiction, altered states of consciousness andContinue reading “Spirituality”

Four recommended spiritual books available on Libby

These four books are available through Libby Library Services and are recommended additions to your spiritual library Reading the Stars. By book riot. 2022. 203 pages. This book provides a new slant on astrology by gearing to book lovers. Under each sign, there is discussed the reading personality, famous authors and recommended reading. References. SeekingContinue reading “Four recommended spiritual books available on Libby”

Spiritual astrology

By Mari Silva. 2022 **** excellent What is spiritual astrology? Spiritual astrology is the study of the influence of the celestial bodies on your spiritual life path. This informative book is a complete guide to the Zodiac, houses, planetary placements, twin flames, soul mates, moon phases and sun signs. Illustration. References. I received a freeContinue reading “Spiritual astrology”

Tears of Jupiter

By Sims Shanti. Peace waters. 2022. 376 pages ***** Excellent The author undertakes her pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2012 and recalls her trip, the people she met and the emotional impact it had on her. Ruminations on many important metaphysical questions: whether there are many paths to God, microcosm vsContinue reading “Tears of Jupiter”