By Silvia Hill. 2023. 120 pages. ***** Excellent This well researched and comprehensive book unlocks hermetic kaballah to understand Jewish mysticism and kabbalistic rituals, ideas and history. Kabballah is a way of thinking and being spiritual, derived from Judaism, that teaches everyone, regardless of religion, about the divine nature of the universe, how people relateContinue reading “Kaballah”

Tarot therapy

By Leona Nichole Black. St Martin’s publishing. 1923 ***** Excellent Tarot therapy is a supplement to conventional talk therapy. Unlike regular tarot, tarot therapy deals with present issues, not future predictions. The chapters are arranged around various issues, discussing the author’s personal experiences and an interpretation of a three card spread of major arcana cards.Continue reading “Tarot therapy”

Roscrucian magic and kabbalistic tarot

By Mari Silva. 2023. 270 paged Part I of this comprehensive book concerns the history of Rocucianism along with its symbols to Gnosticism and Hermeticm. Part 2 will teach you about the links between the ancient Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbalah and divination. It focuses on using the Tarot but also discusses other forms ofContinue reading “Roscrucian magic and kabbalistic tarot”