New Moon magic

By Risa Dickens and Mary took. North Atlantic Books. 2024. 369 pages *****Exceĺlent This unique and profound book invites the truth that we are one with our bodies, others, nature and the universe. Capitalism disrupts this natural harmony by inducing us to conquer our bodies, others, and the earth. This book, although structured around theContinue reading “New Moon magic”

Sigil Witchery

By Laura Tempest. Zarkholic. 2018. Llewellyn publications.  334 pages. This practical book, written in a conversational style, teaches the writing of sigils, symbolic language whose meaning  is known only to the creator. Discusses history  of  witchcraft and mark making. Magick and spellcraft with sigils, sigil design, practice exercises, and gallery of sigils. Illustrations. Resources. Index.Continue reading “Sigil Witchery”

On her silver wings

By Frances Billingheart. Moon bookd. 2022. 256 pages This unique book is about the Moon as viewed in science, astrology and witchcraft. Working with the moon can be likened to a voyage of self-discovery. The first section discuusrs aligning our conscious self with the moon phases through journaling and prayer. The second section concerns theContinue reading “On her silver wings”

The Witches Grimoire

By Melissa Gomes. 2022 *****excellent An informative and comprehensive beginner’s guide to magick and esoteric witchcraft. Discusses Wicca, witchcraft magick, setting up an altar, magical tools, crystals, wheel of the year, the clairsenses, Tarot., runes , palmistry, creating, charging and blessing a grimoire, a book of magical practices. 59 affirmations for making your grimoire. IContinue reading “The Witches Grimoire”

Green witchcraft for the kitchen witch

By misty j. Kingman. 2022 Green witchcraft is based on using the natural elements provided by Nother Nature: the soil,the crystals and stones, herbs and other plants, essential oils, using fruit, vegetables and grain in your magical practice, wheel of the year and energizing amulets and talismans. Appendix.