By Mari Silva. 2023. *****Exce─║lent This comprehensive and well researched book is the ultimate guide to thr history, culture and philosophy of the Yorubs religion, the creation myth and the afterlife. Describes the Orisha and Egbert spirits, Olodomare, the Supteme Being, ancestral veneration., divination. Initiation, devotion and training in the Yoruba of, setting up altarsContinue reading “Egun”

African Spirituality

By Mari Silva. 2023 ****excellent. This well researched book is the ultimate guide to the Yoruba religion. Santeria. Orishas. Ancestral veneration. Maat, Haitian Voodoo, and Hoodoo. Opens with overview of African spiritual practices and later chapters describes how spiritual communities are structured, rituals and deities, supreme creator God. Lwa. Ancestral veneration, sacred herbs and plants,Continue reading “African Spirituality”

Yoruba mythology

2022 **** Good This book brings together west African folk tales from the Yoruba and Hausa of Nigeria to thr Jobo of Liberia and more. Some of these stiried are on themes found in stories worldwide, such as the Cinderella story, the cleverness and courage of women, reward and punishment. Others pertaining to west AfricanContinue reading “Yoruba mythology”