Four recommended spiritual books available on Libby

These four books are available through Libby Library Services and are recommended additions to your spiritual library

Reading the Stars. By book riot. 2022. 203 pages. This book provides a new slant on astrology by gearing to book lovers. Under each sign, there is discussed the reading personality, famous authors and recommended reading. References.

Seeking Wisdom. By Julia Cameron. Outlines six week course exploring communication with the Divine and the connection between creativity and spirituality. Affirmations, prayers and meditations

Breathing Love by Jennifer Lee. 2018. Llewellyn publications. 520 pages. Tips from a yoga teacher on meditating on love. Includes preparing for meditation, exercises,and affirmations.

The Sound of One Hand. Translated by Yoel Hoffman. New Review. 1975. 281 Zen koans and answers.

Published by Janet Ilacqua

Writer in metaphysics and success.

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